Need some advice regarding Heroic HFC

by Falorania » View Falorania’s OpenRaid characters » Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:07 am

I don’t know much about how this community is when it comes to asking simple questions, but at this point I have no idea where else to turn to. I have been starting to work my way into doing H HFC and thus far made it as far as Council. At one point I joined a Looking for group listed that needed help with Archimonde Heroic. I decided to go for it and got invited on board. However, after two failed attempts I came to the realization that I don’t think I can ever reach the point of beating Archimonde on Heroic even if I can successfully best the other heroic bosses. Another issue I find is looking for a group that knows what to do. The common thing I notice from the Looking for group option in game is that most leaders expect the person to have the AotC achievement for killing Archimonde on Heroic along with ilvl around 710-720. I understand it’s their decision, but at the same time how could anyone expect to obtain that when they find themselves struggling to kill him just once in Heroic.

I guess the point I am making here is what can I possibly do to reach that point of conquering Hellfire Citadel on heroic when you find your choices limited or no one will bother to give you a chance? I apologize in advance if this post sounds ridiculous to anyone reading this.

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