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Latest News for MMORPG Games

The thing about MMORPG games is that these massively multiplayer online role playing games are incredibly popular – especially after the groundbreaking ones like Fortnite. However, there are many MMORPG news that you need to follow in order for you to be in line with the latest trends. For instance, the MMORPG news that caught our attention is that there are new and better skins for Fortnite. In fact, the whole Fortnite industry is rapidly growing as the days pass. Moreover, MMORPG news were released regarding Red Dead Redemption – as now players can get XP and many new features that are yet to be released. Also, it is exciting to learn that SLG’s Clash of Kings, a game’s name that had major attention in the MMORPG news – has some upgrades as well. Now, players from all over the world can join a single server!

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Best Open World MMORPGs to Play Right Now

If you are looking at the MMORPG news, you’ll see that new games are released every day, and it is really hard to find the best ones, however, we’ve combined a list of the best ones that you should try at least once:

. PVE – (Player Versus Environment)

  1. Warframe
    With somewhat nice graphics and a challenging scenario – the Warframe is a perfect choice for you!
  1. Guild Wars 2
    GW2 has been on the most trending MMORPG news ever. Feel free to play it and experience some real PvE excitement. It is something like World of Warcraft, and we love it!
  1. Burning Crusade: Felmyst
    Enjoy the Burning Crusade: Felmyst and have the time of your life playing one of the best MMORPG games in the world.
  1. Warhammer
    If you enjoy first-person games, feel free to play the Warhammer and its versions, it will surely sweep you off your feet.

. PVP – (Player Versus Player)

  1. Dragon Nest
    You are free to play and compete with other players in one of the best, most exciting RPG games online – Dragon Nest.
  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic
    If you are a fan of Star Wars, you’ll enjoy re-living the thrill of the movies in the amazing themed video game.
  1. World of Warcraft
    When it comes to WOW Openraid is the place to go for news – as we all simply love it. We have many WOW Openraid players and why wouldn’t we, when the WoW Openraid community is only a small portion – the whole world loves this game!
  1. Fortnite
    Although it is both a PvE and a PvP MMORPG, Fortnite has been the trend of all MMORPG games – and it still continues to be amongst the best of the best. It is an open world game with so many things to offer!

Review of MMORPG Classes - Which One is For You?

There are 4 main classes of MMORPG games, and you can see it on the old games as you can see it on the upcoming games and the new releases we hear about on the MMORPG news. So, when it comes to these games – there is something that is similar between them all – the classes. Depending on your own personal preference, you should choose a character or a class you are most comfortable playing with. Here are some of the most famous ones:


Rogues are always known for having stealth, which is why people refer to them as spies and they are insanely precise, which is why they can also be snipers.


Known for their physical strength, fighters can come in different names – Warrior, Barbarian, Samurai, or Berseker, and they have in common the single thing that they are very strong.


Unlike other MMORPG news games, magicians aren’t represented in many games, but when they are – they don’t use weapons. Instead, they have other skills and knowledge, which is why they use magic and spells for fighting.


Many people underestimate the power of supporters in a game, including the MMORPGs. However, the supports are well-needed in any game, especially since they have the power to sacrifice themselves for your main characters, or they can come in forms of healers too.

Unforgettable Boss Fights and Mechanics

We all love MMORPGs and reading MMORPG news because of the fact that these games are really exciting. Some of the MMORPG news these days included lists of the most famous boss fights, and if you haven’t played these games – here is what you need to know about the most unforgettable boss fights:
  1. Ragnaros, The Firelord (World of Warcraft)
Ragnaros put up an amazingly nice fight on WoW, which is why all of us here at the WoW Openraid community went crazy!
  1. Soa, the Infernal One (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
Another amazing fight that was pretty messy, but still deserves our recognition as being a pure adrenaline-rushing experience.
  1. Pandemonium Warden (Final Fantasy XI)
A lot of the MMORPG bosses are tough, but the Pandemonium Warden is probably the only one that has powers to make you feel really sick. 40 players tried killing it in 2007, and this absolutely broke the MMORPG news. They battled for more than 18 hours and he shifted forms easily, making it even harder and harder to kill it.

Free to Play Mobile MMORPG Games

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Software for MMORPGs

You should choose your favorite MMORPGs according to your software. For instance, some MMORPGs can only be played on Xbox, others can be only played on android phones, whereas the majority of them can be played using regular gaming computers and laptops.

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