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If you’re reading this page, it’s probably because you’re looking for the best free MMORPG games, so Free to Play. With the term Free to Play, we mean that type of free games that provide for purchases in the app that are not mandatory but that allow you to get extra or help while contributing to the support of the game in the form of small or large donations.

Difference between Browser Game and free MMORPG

Have you ever traded a browser game for online MMORPG games or vice versa? Today we will see the substantial differences that make the two types of the game unique and different from each other, despite both being free most of the time.

Confuse a browser game with the best MMORPG free to play it is very simple because there are many games of that genre, playable from the comfort of your browser, but as the name suggests of the word, these games are intended primarily and exclusively to the network.

Browser Game is a game that does not need installation and can be launched on any browser, regardless of the operating system in use and the version of the browser itself.

This type of game generally does not require registration, if we talk clearly about services such as Poki that make available hundreds or even thousands of games ready to be launched. Browser games are divided into fps, classics, multiplayer, strategic, online MMORPG, RPG, and many more. Once made with JAVA and FLASH, today they are developed through the HTML 5 programming language or engine as Unity.

They require a momentary internet connection, just enough time to launch them, unlike MMORPGs. The best browser games most often derive from a console version of the same, reboot developed exclusively for those who do not have a performing PC need to play, ideal for all operating systems and browsers.

Surely you will have at least once played one of the many titles on the social network Facebook; those are browser game! Clearly, in this case, they need a Facebook account and permission to communicate with their profile but remain browser game, most of them boasts a mobile or even pc and console counter.

Free MMORPG focused on PVP or PVE IE clash between players and MMORPG in which multiple players co-operate for the greater good, IE defeats enemies and bosses, level up and shop. There are millions of people in the world who devote time every day to this type of games, as well as allowing you to isolate yourself from the world and have fun, will enable you to meet people from all over the world with the same passion in common.

The MMORPGs are divided into role-playing games made in 3D where free-roaming and therefore exploration is the order of the day and competitions in which you find yourself having to complete quests with a graphic compartment in cell shading and a 2D structure where you can only continue or go back.

In summary, the browser game is generally the game that can be launched via browser regardless of the version of the same or the operating system in use, do not need a constant internet connection, registration, login but above all installations. The MMORPG genre instead contrary to browser games often requires a client to play and therefore a full-bodied facility, constant internet connection as you have to communicate with the game servers being online and consequently a registration and then a login.

There is also browser game MMORPG, but in that case, it is MMORPG playable via browser and therefore has nothing to do with the genre browser game. We could say that the MMORPGs are for those who have time but above all money to spend, as despite being free to play, they need real money to unlock additional extras.

Differences between MMORPG and BROWSER GAME

Let’s see now in schematic form what are the main differences between the two categories of games: Browser Game

  • Free
  • No need for installation
  • Do not require a registration or login
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems
  • Do not need performance PCs
  • Do not expect a constant internet connection


  • Focused exclusively on online, therefore require a continuous internet connection
  • Although there are numerous free to play, some content is paid with real currency
  • Right MMORPGs need external clients to download and install on your PC
  • You have to own a PC with medium-high performance to play
  • They are not compatible with all operating systems but mainly Windows

Sometimes the BROWSER GAME and MMORPG coincide, you will often come across playable BROWSER GAME but that at the same time are also MMORPG. Let’s find out together what are the best MMORPGs.

  • Vikings War of Clans

If you’ve always loved the icy northern kingdom, then Vikings War Of Clans is for you. Developed with a new and powerful graphics engine, which in addition to offering a respectable graphics sector, includes new features, including the Hero Mode.

The game aims to build the largest and most powerful kingdom, nordic, invading the neighboring countries, in breach of their precious resources, to be used in the development of their own, from the creation and improvement of buildings, training a mighty army.

With Hero Mode, as the name suggests, we will have at our disposal a customizable Hero, with the possibility both to send it to battle, giving the troops significant advantages, and to keep it to the village in case of need. The hero can be improved in attributes, thanks to the experience points earned in the course of the game.

  • Throne Kingdom at War

We conclude with a game that recalls the previous one in terms of innovation and graphic sector but set in a different era, aimed at all fans of knights and medieval battles.

In the Throne Kingdom at War, we are called to build the largest medieval kingdom in history, from impressive castles to buildings of all kinds, starting naturally from the basics, thanks to an intuitive and complete initial tutorial.

As with all other browser games, we will have limited resources available for the construction of buildings and training of troops, with the possibility of obtaining additional, either by invading the neighboring kingdoms or by sending troops on patrol. As with Vikings, there is only one hero in Throne to master, train, improve and of course customize!

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