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  • So is Dragon Awaken, an MMORPG turns free-to-play

It is a free role-playing game in which we can raise dragons and train them, being able to choose between four kinds of characters and with the possibility of fighting PVP battles.

In the genre of MMORPG, we can also find some free-to-play titles, which do not require to purchase the game or subscription payment, and one of them is Dragon awake from Game Hollywood and efficient City. Available for free from your website, Dragon Awake is a turn-based role-playing game with features of simulation games and PVP modes that can be downloaded for free. How to train your Dragon Awaken is set in a world where a Dark Dragon has risen from the darkness and threatens to destroy everything, but fortunately, there are other dragons.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online team works on a new game

Zenimax confirms that the division is looking into a new project and graphic engine.

While The Elder Scrolls Online is immersed in the celebration of its 25th anniversary, it seems that the development team has already fixed on new projects. Matt Firor, head of Zenimax Online, has confirmed that the MMORPG developers are planning their next game, as well as a change in the graphics engine. This was reported in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine (June 2019, issue 177). The next project from the creators of TESO: a new triple-play After expressing his pride in the dedication of Bethesda to The Elder Scrolls.

  • Free MMORPG Caravan Stories reaches American PS4 in summer

It is currently available in Asia and offers a fantasy world with anime aesthetics.

Caravan Stories, the free MMORPG inspired by anime aesthetics and with 2 million players in Japan, will be released on the American PlayStation 4 in July. There is No news for Europe at the moment. The game offers us to explore the vast open world of Iyar with one of the six races available-each with its history. We will domesticate monsters and get friends among the nearly 300 allies to recruit in PvE and PvP fights.”” Each character has his or her abilities, forcing players to change their tactics in each battle. Face the waves of enemies in groups of up to six creatures and allies.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4

The new adaptation of the Japanese role masterpiece. The remake of the seventh chapter of the series will move us to the world of the original delivery of PlayStation and PC, renewing their graphics for the PlayStation 4 console, adding new details to the story, as well as bringing presumably playable changes to the battle and exploration system. This new ‘Final Fantasy VII’ has behind it the same creative team as the original.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 PC PS4 XBOne

Cyberpunk 2077 is the new first-person role-playing video game with open-world structure by CD Project RED. The parents of The Witcher present to us for Xbox One, PC and PS4 a futuristic and cyberpunk adventure in which we will play a character designed to our measure and in which we will have to survive in a dangerous city plagued by corporations, cyborgs, gangs and the most varied technological threats.

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