This service comes without warranty of any kind. We reserve the right to close, revoke or disable any API key at any time, for any reason, and do not need to disclose this to anyone. There is no guarantee that this service is fit for any particular purpose and we do not guarantee any quality of service, uptime, valid responses, timely responses or anything else. Damage caused directly or indirectly by using this service is at own risk and we cannot be held responsible.

What can I use this for? What about API keys?

You can use the OpenRaid API any way you like. We grant a “demo” key for development purposes. Please note that this key can be changed at any time. If you use any code in any production environment, app or other software, please request your own API key by e-mailing [email protected]! If you have any issues, please use that e-mail address as well. The demo key can be found below.

Demo key

The demo key that is currently usable is: BlmRPGilOwu3zDZN

Basic Usage & Security

There are private and public API’s that you may use. The private API’s require a security token provided by us (more information below). We will start by showing you how the public API’s work first, because those are easier.

Any API will return JSON data. Example outputs are given for each command. All arguments are mandatory unless otherwise specified. The base URL you can use is: https://openraid.org/data/

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