Teevo’s (H) ICC25

What we’re doing…

Hey guys, this is my weekly Heroic ICC25 run. Heres all the info, hope to see you tag along!


  • Run #23
  • Battle.net friend requests and invites will start 30min prior; Reserves are used 15min prior (if you signup after the 30min prior mark, there is no guarentee you will be invited.. but I almost always check atleast once more before I start the run)
  • This is strictly a mount run, not focusing on achievements
  • Loot will be masterlooted with Request Roll to assure fairness; roll Need for transmog, Greed/Pass otherwise (all non-transmog gear such as rings or trinkets will be handed out with random rolls)
  • If you’d like to reserve something, leave a comment or note when you sign up (Reserved items are given priority based on attendance first, then signup times); the reserve list cannot be updated once the start time is within 1hr due to Openraid’s restrictions, any requests made after the 1hr-prior mark will be ignored as I will be preparing the raid (Keep in mind the reserve list is updated throughout the week leading up to the run, thus if people sign up later in the week, priority CAN change)
  • Limit to 1 reserved item per boss, 3 total (only 1 of which can be a tier token)
  • Shards will go to the person that is furthest along AND/OR to the people consistently coming along; please note how many you currently have when you sign up; I add people to the waiting list once you’ve attended two runs (too many people ask then never return)
  • Infusions: you are required to attend atleast 4 of my runs before I consider helping you with the infusions; once you’ve attended 4, the size of the raid will have a large impact if we attempt them or not; it is your responsibility to research and know what to do; you will only get 1 attempt per infusion
  • I reserve the right to remove anyone who doesn’t listen, goes afk, or has a poor attitude; we’re here to have fun, get some transmog gear, and hope for the mount
  • Vent/mumble are not necessary, thus not used

    For Invincible’s Reins, there will be a roll bonus for people that continually run this with me. Every week that you come you get a +5 bonus to your roll for the mount should it ever drop. Once you reach +100 (20 runs), you will reach your max roll bonus and you will have paid your dues, and the mount will be reserved for that person. Those that reach +100 after the first person will also be put on the reserve list, but behind anyone that got to the cap before them. If two people reach the cap at the same time and they are next in line, then they will straight up /roll 1-100 to determine the winner. People that leave early will not earn credit.

    (For example, if someone attending for the first time rolls a 90.. and you’ve attended 5 of my runs but only roll a 70.. you get a bonus of +25 added to your roll so you would win with a 95 due to the fact that you want it badly enough to keep coming back)

    ATTENDANCE NOTE: If you come to my runs on multiple toons, it is your responsibility to let me know so I can combine your attendance accordingly. If you let me know, I will fix it.. otherwise it will remain as separate attendance. Heres the link for the Heroic ICC 25 attendance spreadsheet:


    Darkhalo 50/50 – Grats!
    Ãzeron 50/50 – Grats!
    Nekrose 50/50 – Grats!
    Dskora 50/50 – Grats!
    Armø 50/50 – Grats!
    Wesker 48/50
    Deathbyyoda 29/50
    Eromir 31/50
    Brooksong 0/50
    Draconvalu 34/50

    Mavrik – Unholy infusion
    Exitz – DK T10 lookalike (3pcs)
    Tretiak – Fallen Lord Handguards (Lady D)
    Tretiak – Scourgeborne Waraxe (Gunship)
    Deathbysushi – Faceplate of the Forgotten (Fester)
    Tretiak – Rot Resistant Breastplate (Rot)
    Deathbysushi – Rigormortis (Prof)
    Jhmfivefifty – Dying Light (BQ)
    Deathbysushi – Bloodsurge (LK)
    Avadevine – Glorenzelg (LK)

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