MSV Meta+Show me your moves!

What we’re doing…

Welcome to my final T14 meta raid, for the MSV meta achievements, especially Show me your moves!

For the first five: Having a canine companion is necessary, I recommend the Perky Pug or the Lucky Quilen cub, because I know for a fact that these work. The list of other pets that may work can be found here:

The other achievements are fairly easy, but if you sign up as a tank, you must know how to mimic at Feng.

For Show me your moves:

If you haven’t tried this before, ever, watching this is mandatory, and recommended for everyone:

Both tanks must have the correct macro ready (/click ExtraActionButton1 and targeting).

We will have a custom addon tracking, if we have succesfully completed the requirements, since RaidAchiever does not track it. It has been tested already, works like a charm.

Feasts, repairbots will be provided, other consumables will not be necessary, but I’d prefer that you bring some.

Approvals will be based on movement-related achievements (Ready for Raiding, etc), if there are many signups.

We will use the openraid vent to ease communication, but be aware, that I likely won’t to talk due to an injury.

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