Level 70 Raiding

What we’re doing…

Fire and Blood is a level 25 guild on Sisters of Elune who’s focus is on running level 60 and 70 raids with characters of the appropriate level and gear.

This night we will be running a few level 70 raids on level 70s. Which raid we do depends on how many members we get.

-No higher than level 70
-You may only have gear equipped that was available during BC.
-Same with gems and Enchants. Wrath stuff will NOT be accepted.
I WILL be checking gear – You will not be accepted if you are using ANYTHING from wrath in your gear. This includes Gems, enchants, enhancements and gear.

Comment if you have any other questions.

We are also recruiting for our guild! If you are interested in doing this weekly and would like to be part of the guild, you can create a character and level up on our server.
Of course you do not have to join the guild to join this raid. This note was just in case you were interested in doing this long term with us.

We are currently in need of ranged DPS for the 70 group.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t get your realid invite until right as 10pm rolls around – Somedays I work late and don’t get home until 9:45 or so.

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