Firelands Mount farming

What we’re doing…

Farming Firelands for Rag mount and Alys Mounts. All fights will be done on heroic. and will be killed asap. this isnt a Teach me rag. this is a gtfi and a gtfo raid.

Siphons – Open
Cinders – Open
Embers – Raiyyn

Do not expect to be Carried.

On Reserve:
Holy pally tier Off tier
Sulfuras Heroic.

Since this is my Dk alt. im not going to be rolling on the mount, however. I will be leading this as my main.

Mount point rolls:
Levitas: +35
Diakonos: +30
Aurara: +25
Sibenice: +25
Raiyyn: +20
Setdown: +5
Shoot: +5

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