#Darrie Twisted MC/BWL Wk 2

What we’re doing…

<Twisted Raiders> US Kul-Tiras Week Two MC/BWL

Join us for the first week of Twisted Raiders Classic Raiding.

Your gear must all be iLVL 78 or lower.[/warn]
You must sign up on your Twisted Raiders character. You will not be approved if you sign up on your 90.[/warn]

Legendary items:
Only players who are the intendedclass recipients may roll on legendary items. If you get part A, you will get priority for part B.

Standard Loot:
You may need on items that are an UPGRADE. Greed for OS. There is *no disenchanting*. Please pass on items that you do not want, or are a side-grade. There is no rolling for Vendor spec, just pass.

Raiders are limited to two “need” roll wins during each raid encounter. After two wins, you must only roll “greed”.

Vent Info
Hostname: openraid.typefrag.com
Port: 3784
Password: raidopen
Channel: Twisted Raiders

Like my raids? Join my OpenRaid Group:[Group: Darrie’s Kitchen]

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