Ulduar 25 Achiv/Mount Farm

What we’re doing…

VENTRILO + DeadlyBossMods is required. No exceptions.
Voice Chat is 100% Required. You MUST have Ventrilo set up and ready to go. You MUST be able to hear me in Ventrilo and have a clear understanding of English.
Download info: https://openraid.org/index.php/users/voicechat
Installation Guide:[Topic: Outdated]

We will be clearing all bosses

  • Invites will be done at 21:15
  • Fragments are reserved on Reserve for the current person at #1, which currently is frozen, more you regulary show up, the better chance at a getting a spot (Regular returns minimum 3-6 weeks)
  • Characters gearing for Herald are welcome, depending on signs there may always be a limit!
  • Please respect there are people there specifically for the mount farming, if the mount drops open rolls will be used thou people attended previous weeks will receive +2 so if you’d like your roll bonuses to be recorded please put in your notes, thank you. If you have any questions on your current roll bonuses I keep record of them in a file so PM me if interested.
  • Regarding Achivs *Personal Achvs such as “Take out those Turrets” or “Dwarfageddon” you can be done before raid, also “Stay buffed all Winter” should be researched before the raid to ensure you know what to do as we will not explain it during our time.
  • Achivs that require more than 1 trip into Ulduar will be taken to a vote (example: Council, Kologarn,Freja ect.), majority winning, this is in favour of what more people want than others
  • Loot will be distributed evenly, for transmog or Herlad, link the loot, more than 1 person links, you roll – peice of cake 🙂

    Track record for this Achiv runs has been exceptional but solely based on the quality you bring to the raid. If I see someome is wasting time or causing wipes I will remove you, if people cannot be co-ordinated after an extent of time for an Achiv I will push on. I will not tolerate the raid straying from its goal if people cannot be cooperative or coordinated, but with a good attitude this CAN be a very, very successful run

    Fragments Reserve List
    1. Fniss
    2. Floura
    3. Lolfixheal
    4. Gladulf
    5. Wrathy

    If you interested in more of my runs, add me, or check them out here:

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