Doubleagent Level 90

What we’re doing…

Invites will go out starting about 15 minutes before raid. Due to this being a Neutral raid please whisper for invite. 🙂

ALLIANCE signups here.

Horde signups below:
[Event: Doubleagent Level 90]

My own personal “World First” of hitting 90 while neutral/without a faction. Most likely will be at the end of June. I will have a more accurate date once I hit 89 and figure out the time table. If the raid somehow gets full, you can still join in by rolling a Pandaren on Mannoroth or one of the realms it is connected to ie (Onyxia, Magtheridon, Blood Furnace, Eredar, Stormreaver, Anetheron, Ysondre, Spinebreaker, Delvengyr, Demonsoul) Please include the name and realm of the Pandaren you intend to attend on when you sign up in your comment.

1. Pandaren are the only race that can attend this event.
2. You will need a level 10 or higher pandaren for this event (Raid group restriction of level 10)
3. That pandaren must not yet left the Wandering Isle or otherwise chosen a faction.
4. There will be no summons as there are no Pandaren Warlocks and no summoning stones on the isle.

This event will be recorded to be uploaded later to my youtube channel.

I’m currently level 89. Current date for 90 is June 21.

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