#T14 #US Warlock Race

What we’re doing…

EU vs. US *ALL-WARLOCK RACE* through T14 Content: (MSV, HoF, ToES)

Hosted by Dpsonroids of Midwinter

Please Note:
* Teams will be picked by gear and experience not first come first serve.
* Links to parses may be considered but are not required.
* Please post the spec you will be using in your sign-up note.
* You must sign up on a Warlock – No Exceptions!

The ability to hear Voice Chat is REQUIRED for this event. We will be using OpenRaid MUMBLE
Please have MUMBLE setup and ready to go beforehand. We recommend you validate your Mumble account before raid start time.

OpenRaid MUMBLE Info:
Hostname: ormumble.typefrag.com
Port: 64738
Password: raidopen

This event may be recorded/live streamed on the internet. Your voice and virtual likeness may be viewed or recorded by individuals not involved with OpenRaid. OpenRaid is not responsible nor liable for any issues arising from your involvement in this transmission or recording.

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