#Elexias Elegon Mount Run #6

What we’re doing…

Mogu’Shan Vaults Run 5/6 Normal !

Fast 5/6 Normal clear will take up to 20 mins, going for Elegon and not clearing any other bosses!

Make sure you read description for raid, it’s not my foult if you don’t read it!

┬áRead “Elexias Raiding Rules” for more info

  • Mogu’Shan Vaults
    Elexias +10
    Hotless +10
    Rena +4
    Conflex +4
    [orange]Bialy +2[orange]Elexias Raiding Rules:
    [Unknown Topic]

    Be online 15 mins priority to raid start
    MSV Invites begins at 16:55!, If you dont show up untill 17:00 you might miss a spot, we’re starting as soon as we gather enough people we won’t wait you, only in case you say that you will be late for few mins
    More raids from me ? https://openraid.org/groups/index/LFR

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