#OR Heroic MSV

What we’re doing…

In the spirit of those wanting to finish up their MSV Heroic’s. So if this is on your bucket list or you want to help please sign up and join us!

Swapping to 25mH! Please make sure to let all friends/guildies know.

All patterns, mounts and transmog gear, is on free roll.

Vent will be required.

Battle tag invites go out starting 30 minutes before raid time. Invites to GROUP go out 15 minutes before the raid start. At raid time I will post for anyone that has been missed, 2 minutes after raid time starts I will go into reserves for people. If you are going to be late please post in a comment that you will be late, or get a hold of me directly. I cannot promise you a spot if you are late, but I can try to help if I know ahead of time.

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