CY’s 25m Last Call GARROSH1

What we’re doing…
Event: Cy’s GARROSH1 Only 25 Man Normal (565+ Preferred)

Garrosh ONLY

Start Time: 8:00pm EST
End Time: 8:30 pm EST

Please make sure char is updated ! !

1. 18 Years or older.
2. Must have normal exp on char.
3. 13/14 Exp is preferred with Garrosh attempts. All gear must be gemmed and enchanted at start of raid. If found they are not you will not be removed from group. I understand some upgrades during raids not being enchanted or gemmed.
4. Flask and food recommended for this raid.
5. Please know all fights and your responsibly for the fights. If people are standing in bad over and over you will be warned and/or removed without warning. Removals of players are at the discretion of the Raid Leader.
6. DPS, Healing, and other stats will be check during the raid to make sure people are pulling their weight. Those under the preforming will be warned and/or removed from the raid.
7. WoL will be running during raids to keep track of DPS/HEALS for current and furture raids.
8. This is NOT a HARDCORE Guild run. Wipes will happen if we are going to happen, so please be patient.
9. Roster will not be finalized till day of raid.

Loot will be MS before OS on all bosses. No items are reserved other then flask boxes as listed below. Your MS will be the spec you come as unless approved otherwise by RL (myself) Once your MS is set this is your MS till the end of raid. All loot will be /random 100. Items that are not awarded MS or OS will be handed our randomly or DEed to save time with the raid.

BTag Invites and Raid Invites will start going out up to 45 minutes before raid start time. If you miss BTag invites and raid invites your space maybe be filled and you will be moved to waiting list. Being on waiting list does not hold you a spot in the raid when one frees.

As raid leader I reserve the right to add and remove any players at my discretion. I will do my best to police the raid for any activity that will hinder the raid. At times there are things I might miss, fell free to message me. Lower ilvl chars might be brought along to fill spots if needed to fill raid and does not hinder the raid. Again this is at discrestion of the Raid Leader. Any questions fell free to message me on

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