Mount farming MSV & ToT #64

What we’re doing…

Just running a full clear of MSV & First 6 bosses of ToT for those that want a shot at mounts.

Anyways doing a full clear of MSV & first 6 bosses for ToT, Ideally only farming mounts.

Looking for 496+ & preferably 6/6 & 6/12 for a quick easy clear. But if you have substantial experience I’ll take you along. Will also be checking Openraid profiles for experience that you may mention on your comments.

Looking for 2 tanks, 2 heals, & 6 DPS.
Mount is not on reserve.

RealID Invites will be sent out 1 hour before the raid, raid invites will be sent out 15 minutes before raid time & if there are any no-shows then I’ll get reserves in on raid time.

Sign up if interested. Thanks & have a good day.

The Ability to hear in voice communication is needed or you risk losing your spot
We’ll be using OpenRaid Mumble for all my events from now on.
Mumble Details:
I.P Address:
Port: 64738
Password: raidopen

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