Fresh Mythic Clear – get BoAs

What we’re doing…

WoD is finally around the corner and H SoO will be converted to Mythic SoO. What this means, is that Heroic Garrosh will now be Mythic Garrosh who has a 100% chance of dropping his BoA Weapon, which will be great for leveling up in WoD.

If you are someone who has cleared 14/14H of 10man or 25man this patch, and are super overgeared due to upgrades, come out and get your BoAs.

The setup will be:

1 Tank
3 Heals
16 DPS (1 with healing OS and 1 with tank OS)

This is not a run for people who are undergeared. EVERYONE is expected to be over 575+ (if not even higher), have 14/14H exp, AND just be overall a good player who plays their role well.

Loot will be MS > OS, and will be done very quickly. This is a run meant to kill Heroic Garrosh not to dilly dally.

If you are interested sign up, and I will confirm you. Priority will be given to those with higher ilvl, exp and usable OS


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