RFD Highmaul Raid HC

What we’re doing…

This raid is sponsored by Reformed and will act as a social and recruitment method for once we progress to mythic content. We will be taking as many people as we can support through healers, tanks and etc. You’ll be expected to be 635 ilvl or higher and bring your own flasks and potions. Feasts and entertainment will be provided by the raid group and the lovely people from Blizzard who developed Highmaul for you to come in and wreck.  Please have TS3 installed and understand the basics for joining a server and channel with password lock. You are not required to have a microphone, but it is always nice to meet new people so speaking is optional. I only ask that you speak in English and that you understand the English language. I do apologize for not being multi-lingual, but I can’t afford to understand every language across the Eu. If you have read and understood all this then please tell me what your favorite kind of cookie is and how many bosses you have killed this week in this difficulty.

Taking into account the length of time these encounters have been out now we have found that it is normally best if we select master looter so as to avoid duplicate items for people and ensure those who need gear get the gear. This being said I would like for members joining to place in their note the number of bosses they have already killed this week so that I can determine which fights will be of the most value for the maximum amount of loot for everyone in the raid. .

The first few bosses are essentially tactic and DPS checks, we will progress in this manner Bladefist >> Spore >> Tectus >> Twins >>  Butcher (@ Butcher we will determine the overall dps of each member and then throughout the raid as fights become more difficult due to lack of dps shrink the raid group down as deemed fit, a solid amt of dps for this encounter would be a sustained 18k dps ) >> Ko’ragh >> Imperator . The Raid will go on until the event has ended with a 10 minute break during its duration to be determined by RFD , if @ the end of the raid the majority of players wish to continue then we will do so, however if the majority of members would like continue on another day an event will be set up on OpenRaid as a continuation on the day best fitting to said members. During the break it is recommended that you get flasks or potions and etc as needed.

Exceptional members of this content will receive a /w @ a later time inviting them to further progression in Hc content which may eventually lead to mythic encounters. You will be expected to use cds when called upon, provide decent dps (understandably some classes preform rather low atm), and deal with the various mechanics as needed.  If it is determined at any stage in the raid that you as a member are holding back the progression of the group you may be removed .

If you enjoyed my raids then join our guild @ http://RFD.openraid.us/ or follow us as a fan @ [Group: ReformedRaids]

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