Tranquility Blackrock HC

What we’re doing…

What we’re doing…
Welcome to the Guild run for Tranquility – A Semi-Hardcore Alliance Raiding Guild on the EU server Lightbringer.

Before signing up to our event please read the following information carefully.

Check the comments

We use the comments section to make players aware of any event specific information. Please read them and keep checking before the event for any updates.

General info

We like to run events that are fun. We like to joke on TS3 and have a laid back atmosphere. Our events are Guild runs. Players who hinder our enjoyment or create a bad atmosphere will be warned or simply removed if they have a very detrimental effect on the group. Be courteous and aware of the fact that you are on our Guilds TS3 server, when you join.We don’t do summons and expect all raid members to make there way to the Instance before the start time.


For Heroic raids we expect players to know the fights.
Please refrain from telling us how your Guild, Imba group, l337 friends make stuff dead.
If something isn’t working, we will come up with a new plan.
If we ask for input from the group, please feel free to offer some, if not, don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.

New Raiders

We do take players who have less experience but usually not to Heroic raids. New Raiders are extremely welcome on our Normal events. For Normal we can explain tricky mechanics but players should know the basic fight mechanics. We would rather do more bosses than spend a long time going through the basics.

Killing stuff

Our Tanks will mark mobs, please kill the skull. The Tanks will also use pull timers, please refrain from the pew-pew until the timer is up and the Tanks have the baddie.


Players will be approved on the same day as the Raid. Typically this will be the evening before the raid or the following Morning. If you have been approved and find out you can’t make it, please let us know on the comments section as soon as you can.
Don’t cancel at the last minute. If you do and don’t have a good reason, you’ll be put on ignore and won’t get approved again. We don’t cancel raids last minute, so you shouldn’t either. If you’re not sure you can make the event, don’t sign up in the first place.


Battletag requests 30 minutes before start time. Please accept the friend request. Invites to group 15 minutes before start time. Please be on the correct character and accept the invite. Players who don’t accept will be marked as no shows and replaced.


Players marked as reserves are asked to be available until 20:30. We do have to bring in reserves to cover no shows but being a reserve doesn’t mean you will get a spot.

No shows

No shows will be placed on ignore and won’t be invited again.

Raid Leader

The Raid Leader will be Bobknight (Bobmac#2113) and assisted by Strayhan (Strayhan#2869). They can be contacted through open raid, battle tag or Tranquilities Guild forums

Listen to directions from the Raid Leaders.

TeamSpeak 3

All our Raiders have to be on TS3 at invite time. It isn’t negotiable.
Use your in-game character name for your TS3 nickname.
Don’t join and start shouting and acting up, we’re not that type of Guild and this isn’t that type of raid. At best we’ll mute you, at worst, you’ll be removed from the group/raid.
Set up TS3 before the raid, don’t wait until we are raiding.
Please set a Push To Talk button.
Don’t hold your PTT button down unnecessarily. It’s distracting and rude.
Don’t shout out cooldowns/boss abilities/fight mechanics. The Raid Leader will call out when needed.
No backseat Raid Leading.
TS3 is used for verbal communication, please feel free to chat as much as you like during down time and between bosses.
However, please keep TS3 quiet during tactic explanations.

Combat res

Don’t res a player unless asked to by the Raid Leader. Please don’t ask for a res if you die. Try to time your res/accepting the res well i.e. don’t accept if you will be stood in the same fire that just killed you 😉


Where possible all loot will be personal loot.
If we’re using Master looter, it will be stated on the event info.
When using Master looter, the roll priority is:
Main Spec – Off Spec – Transmog – Disenchant.
Any disputes about loot should be discussed in /w with the Raid Leader and shouldn’t be taken to /r. We don’t tolerate loot drama.


We will take breaks. Our events are only for 2.5 hours and typically we have 3 breaks. If you really have to take an AFK before a break is called let the Raid Leader know. Please don’t AFK during trash, it will be noticed.

I didn’t get approved!?!?

Reasons could be:
Missing enchants/Missing tinker cogwheels/Missing Gems
Bad feedback/Bad ratings
You left a bad impression with us on previous events
You were a no-show in the past
The event has too many sign ups

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at event time!

Bobknight and the Tranquility team

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