#Toothless BRF

Hey guys! This is a Toothless Guild Run for Heroic Blackrock Foundry, non-guildies are welcome to join!

About Toothless!
Toothless is a semi-hardcore raiding guild based on Arathor/Hellfire merged realms and we raid on Alliance. We first started raiding together through OpenRaid, where we banded together for SoO heroic (now Mythic) runs where we progressed as a group one evening per week after normal/heroic was able to be done cross-realm. The idea for us to form a guild came around towards the end of WoD as we enjoyed raiding together in a comfortable team who knew each other, and wanted to continue raiding together in the hardest level of content in Warlords of Draenor (Mythics).

We are currently 2/7 Mythic and 8/10 HC in BRF.

We raid 19:30 – 01:30 on Friday/Saturday.

Why are we doing a public guild run on OpenRaid?
We are currently having some roster issues which doesn’t allow us to progress in a guild group, and want to continue to raid together and meet new people!

What are we recruiting?
We’re open to applications for almost every spec/role, but we are mainly looking for healers and ranged dps for mythics! Socials are welcome to join us without applying, but will only be able to join our normal/heroic runs (providing you pull your weight)

Loot Rules:
We’ll be using ML using the in-game request rolls system.
All players in this raid will have an equal shot at loot.
MS > OS (your spec in this raid)
Highest roller wins.
– We are looking to do this weekly until our roster is sorted out, so we are implementing a bonus-roll system for people who come every week or join our guild. All of our guildies have started with a +10 bonus roll, and everyone who attends every week will have a +5 added to their bonus roll. Anyone who applies and gets accepted into Toothless will have a +10 bonus roll applied.

You will need to bring:
– Flasks (greater ones please).
– Potions.
– Seals (Assuming you’re coining bosses).
– Make sure your gear is fully optimized, please.
– We will be using our TS3 guild server, make sure you have it downloaded.
We will be providing +100 stat feasts.

*-* If you are interested in making an application, go to our guild website: www.toothless-wow.eu, and click on the “Join Us!” page on the menu bar. *-*

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