Archimonde normal

What we’re doing…

This is to kill Archimonde only, in Hellfire Citadel on normal mode. Primary purpose is to ‘feed’ our legendary rings., thus the relatively high ilvl requirement as this is not a learning run. We will bring an Archimonde only ID. We will NOT do achievements.

I am an officer in a raiding guild and have killed Archimonde before. Most likely, there will be other mains from our guild joining. Looking for around 20 people.

We will use the popular ‘Ping pong’ setup i.e. we will shift from side to side on allure of flame. Doomfire targets run out to the side. From P2, raid clumps on boss . Spread before Shadowfel burst and Demonic feedback (/range 8). Run out behind the raid for Wrought chaos so the beams won’t go through the raid. KILL ADDS (do not sign up if you do not understand this instruction). We will assign specific groups for the nether realm in P4 (slow/kill/kite the star; kill big add to get out). Please indicate if you have experience going into the realm. It’s critical that all assigned players make it into the nether and handle it properly.

Loot will be personal.

I expect that you know the fight (kill achievement preferred but as a minimum, you should have seen the fight and understand how it works, in your role). There will be minimum babysitting during the event but I reserve the right to cull the group if needed, in the interest of facilitating a kill. You should have a boss mod installed e.g. DBM, and join Ventrilo. Understand and follow instructions, be capable of playing your class and bring a little patience.

Please indicate any relevant experience in the sign up comments.

Btag ‘friending’ and Invites will start from 30 mins before the event but please be online latest 10 mins before start. If you are reserve, please be available for an invite for up to 30 mins into the event , there is always a chance you might get in. Food (feasts) will be provided but you should bring your own flasks/runes.

We will use the Openraid Ventrilo voice chat.

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