PuG Merc Co.’s Mythic HFC

What we’re doing…

3/13M in our first week, and very solid progress on Council. Great work, everyone. Let’s come back focused for quick kills on 1-3 so we can get #4.

What if I want Valor?!

Got you covered:[Event: PMC’s Mythic Dungeons (+LFR)]#info

What is changing for Mythic?

(1) I need a set roster of 20, so I can’t bring everyone who have been regulars. For the first few kills, I am going to prioritize composition/experience/performance first. I am committed to getting all of you who have been running with us at some point, but I also understand if you prefer to find a more regular run.

(2) If you are going to be late or have to leave early, please let me know so I can bring someone else that week. It isn’t fair to ask another person to hang around to only play for part of the time, so please be mindful of that reality.

(3) I will be posting the Fatboss strategy videos plus Angry Assignments and whatnot to my guild website. Feel free to pop in and comment/make suggestions to help our group get these kills as quickly as possible. There is an application, but just make a note that you are a regular to our runs and you don’t have to actually fill the whole thing out. They aren’t complete yet, obviously, but I will be getting to it before we pull that particular boss, so keep checking in.

What’s the deal with this group?

Current progression for this “casually serious” group is 3/13M, and we are working on Mythic Council. I have the video strategy for this boss posted on my guild’s website (link at the bottom). Stay tuned for more boss starts as I get the time to type them out.

What is the group like?

Hello, interested person! I am the former raid leader of a semi-casual Mythic raid team on Kargath/Norgannon-US. I have since retired from the semi-hardcore raid environment, and am now running N/H/M flex runs in partnership with my co-raid leader Dr. Zip from <Fresh> on Doomhammer/Baelgun. This run began as a co-guild venture between my new guild, <PuG Mercenary Company> and <Fresh>, and has since expanded to include regular members from various guilds across the realms.

In the past, I led weekly full-clears of Heroic (old Normal) SoO in OpenRaid, under the guild tag <Shadow and Light>. As I a raid leader for the past two years, my pedigree includes (as current content):
– 14/14 old Heroic SoO
– 6/7M HM
– 7/10M BRF
– 3/13M HFC

As for Zip, he is the Raid Leader of <Fresh>, an active and vibrant Mythic guild on Doomhammer. His pedigree includes (as current content):
-14/14 old Heroic SoO
– 6/7M HM
– 7/10M BRF
– 7/13M HFC (and still going at it)

Many of our core members from my old guild decided to take a more relaxed, or more serious, raid schedule, and so Zip and I set up this new raid team with the Flex model in mind. As such, our run is filled with serious raiders, many of which are still tackling Mythic content, and we want to fill this run with like-minded individuals.

This run will be posted weekly on OR, and we encourage returning raiders to join us week to week. Our aim is to build a flexible raid team that will be tackling Normal, Heroic, and eventually Mythic content once cross-realm mythics are enabled for the current tier. Our approach will be a serious one, and we will not “carry.”

Who do you want for this?

My target audience are raiders with a serious attitude that don’t want to grind hardcore, or even semi-hardcore, progression anymore, and/or progressed raiders looking for a consistent run to have a good time on an alt. I don’t need a full squad of 90% parsers, but I do need a full team of people that handle mechanics correctly.

In addition, I want people with good attitudes that do what I ask of them. If i ask you to perform a task, such as using Tranq on the 2nd Rain of Chaos, I expect you to be alive and using Tranq on the 2nd Rain of Chaos. If you fail either of these two conditions, I will politely ask you to explain to me why you were not able to accomplish these tasks. We will make the necessary adjustments, and you will succeed.

I am not in the business of playing “Alt Roulette,” so please be committed to bringing the character you are interested in playing in this run. Swapping to fill a serious need, like a healer or tank leaving is one thing (thanks Bob), but getting one toon geared and wanting to swap to another is what I am referring to.

What is expected of me?

(1) Come to the raid prepared with flasks/potions. Food will be provided. This should go without saying, but your gear should be enchanted/gemmed where applicable. There is literally no reason that you can’t provide yourself with passive stat increases that you had to do very little to get.  If you can’t be bothered to make/buy/have someone make an enchant for your neck, then I certainly can’t be bothered to make up the difference of the 200+ stat (currently the max stat increase from enchants) you choose not to have.

(2) Be knowledgeable of the mechanics of Heroic/Normal/Mythic (when released for xrealm). If you are inexperienced, I am happy to help you get that experience. Mistakes happen, and no one is perfect the first time they see a boss. However, coming in blind is not an excuse. There are plenty of resources to at least theoretically prepare you for the boss at hand.

(3) Ask questions if you are unsure/confused by any strategy. I will remove anyone who consistently fails to observe mechanics or do what is asked of them. The strategies I use are tested and proven to provide kills, so please adapt to how I want things done. If I feel that something needs to change, I will ask for suggestions.

(4) Have a fundamental knowledge of your role/class/spec. Playing an alt that you aren’t at your best on is fine. Having no idea what to do on it is not.

(5) Carry your own weight. Anyone coming into M HFC with 710+ gear, the legendary ring, and class knowledge should be able to pull 50k DPS single target, and/or be within reasonable healing throughput relative to the others. Underperformers will not be invited back. Want to know if you are underperforming? If you are at or under my damage (I am a warrior tank) for a single target (Zakkuun) or cleave (Velhari) fight, then you are underperforming.

(6) Be ready to raid on time and prepared to stay until the end. If you are going to be late, or need to leave early, please contact me ahead of time and we’ll work something out. If tardiness/ leaving early becomes a regular thing, then I will find a replacement.

What Addons do I need?

– Angry Assignments

– Exorsus Raid Tools and Iskar Assist

– WeakAuras 2 with Hamlet’s HFC Awareness string to import: http://iam.yellingontheinternet.com/2015/06/28/raid-awareness-weakauras-hellfire-citadel/#more-3517

How is loot handled?

Master Loot. the emphasis is on a fair, even distribution. You get a piece, you get a point. Loot that is rolled on by multiple people goes to the person with less points. Ties are broken by roll. Points are reset after each week.

For example: A tanking neck drops. Trees and Rakris both roll. Trees wins the roll, and now has +1. Next boss, a tanking cloak drops. Trees and Rakris both roll. Since Trees has +1, Rakris gets the cloak, and now he has +1 as well.

If you go the whole run without getting a piece of loot that dropped from a boss, then you go to -1 for the next week instead of 0. This is mainly intended to give incentive for fully geared characters to keep coming back to roll for WFed/Socketed pieces. Upon winning a piece, that person goes to +1.

What bosses are we doing?

H Mannaroth/ H Archimonde, then as many Mythic bosses as we can get with the rest of the time. We only have 3.5 hours of time to pull, so come with the mindset to kill bosses efficiently and clear trash even more so.

What about Voice?

Simply put, be in my Teamspeak. You don’t have to talk, but I want you to be present so I can quickly go over strats.

Miscellaneous Info

PMC’s TS = ts79.teamspeak3.com:7245

PMC’s Log Archive = https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/B1hxCAp8L4tjR96Z

PMC’s Website = http://pmc-kargath.guildlaunch.com/?gid=0&sid;=897ba2abaca4c314d5662a00950446af&sso;=1435688982

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