Bloodmaul Slag Mines Gold CM

What we’re doing…

Looking for 3 very patient DPS (including a bloodlust – elemental shaman/frost death knight preferred) willing to complete Bloodmaul Slag Mines gold challenge mode. Please come prepared with flasks, DPS and invisibility potions as well as basic knowledge of the run and appropriate challenge mode gear with gift enchants. Feasts will be provided.

The roster will be finalized the night before the run (previous experience will be duly noted). Group invites will go out 10-15 minutes before start time if you have been approved. If you have been added to the reserves roster please be online and ready to join the group in the event an approved player is not online. If you are not online and in the group by the start time I will replace you and mark you as a no-show.

The tank and healer are 9/9 gold in MoP and 7/8 gold in WoD.

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    Please be willing to invest time and effort into this run. Multiple resets may be needed to complete gold. If you are looking for a gold carry or to make the gold timer in just an attempt or two this is not the group for you. You must be okay with wipes and resetting as many times as it takes for us to succeed.

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