Heroic HFC Guild Run

What we’re doing…

Come join our friendly progression guild as we work our way through Heroic HFC. Our guild is currently 6/13H and 12/13N. We are aiming to down the first 6 bosses again this week. We are looking for some more DPS to fill out the group, and maybe 1 non-priest/-paladin healer, depending on group size. Please know the fight mechanics for at least the first 6 bosses or so; experience on Normal is preferred.

Please be able to put out a reasonable amount of DPS for your ilvl. This varies from fight to fight and class to class, and occasional underperformance due to screw up is fine, but sub-25k DPS on most fights is not appropriate to raid in Heroic mode. We don’t need you to put out world best DPS, just enough to carry your own weight.

This is a progression run not a quick clear. This means there will be wipes, but we anticipate killing between 5-6 bosses. No elitists, rage-quitters, or one-wipe-see-ya-I’m-out players, please.

Loot method will be Personal Loot; voice chat system is Ventrilo, and is required (mic optional).

Our guild raids every Sunday at this time, and we are always happy to have new raid regulars who want to return in future weeks – no guild membership required.

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