Tendrak’s H BoT25 achieve

ello all. The Battle Raiders, an Open Raid guild, presents this Heroic Achievement 25 man raids for Bastion of Twilight. Our objectives will be to getting each of the achievements.

Please read all this info carefully.


LOOT DEFINITION – Anything dropped by bosses and trash mobs.

Have your Ventrilo set up.

Have a working headset. No excuses. You do not have vent you do not get to stay for the event. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL INVITES TO GET THIS DONE.

This will be a weekly run.

I will allow three 85s or above level properly geared to join in the run. However there are restrictions to this. Only 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 dpsers can be 85s or above level. Sorry but I wont make this a less than 90 majority run.

When you sign up please mention your specs in the comment. You may be called upon to use your offspec.

I will put everyone in reserve until the day of the run. Keep checking in to see if you in the final selection Please be online regardless.

Also if you have someone who would like to join in on this run please give a comment about it. Also convince the player to join Open Raid so that they can participate.

Also if you sign up regardless whether you are in reserve or finalized I expect you to be online at least an hour before the raid time. If you cannot attend please leave a note in the Comment section or change your attendance status before the raid time. Anyone on Maybe status is auto reserve status. The Maybe attendees will be called last on the list.

Please make sure to check your DBM has the necessary modules for the run. Current DBM ONLY contains MoP related raids. Please make sure to download the other modules from the DBM home site or wherever you get your addons from.

I will begin adding Friends request ingame about 30 mins or even 1 hr earlier to the run. Please make sure to check your notifications.

Please join to have fun.

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