Crodar’s N Archimonde Only #3

What we’re doing…

Join my group for Mythic HFC, Mythic BRF, and Archimonde x 3 on Monday.
[Group: Crodar].

Logs are uploaded to .

What are we doing?

  • Killing archimonde.
  • This is going to be a fast kill, not progression. Anyone not pulling their weight will be removed.

    Master Loot
    nothing reserved.


  • item level 710+
  • 3 Greater flasks
  • Three stacks of DPS potions and healing potions.
  • Three stacks of 125 stat food.
  • If you have dual spec with different roles post both ilvls in your sign up
  • DBM, VEM, or Big Wigs Addon
  • Experience and logs will increase your chance of being accepted. Please post it with your sign up.
  • Angry Assignments is a required addon.


  • Be online 30 minutes before start time.
  • Send me a whipser at any time with just the word “invite” to join the group.
  • At the start time please be inside the instance the boss should be pulled at start time.
  • Invites will start approximately 30 minutes before start time.

    Voice Chat
    Vent is required for this raid. Failure to join vent will cause your removal from the raid. You do not need a microphone; you just need to be able to hear me.

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