Paw Stars HFC 1of2

What we’re doing…
Read this event’s ENTIRE DESCRIPTION if you sign up.

This is a guild run for Paw Stars and most places will be filled by guildies, and people who have run with me before on OpenRaid. (You can be considered for a regular spot if you can be reliable each week, are in good standing with OpenRaid, & we have room for your class/spec.)

We jump around bosses as per what our team needs, so there is no guarantee what bosses we will do first! We are currently 13/13N & 7/13H.

Guildies, returning raiders, and people who can attend both raid days (1of2 & 2of2) will have priority for the approved roster, provided they sign up in a timely manner for these runs!

Every time you bring a new toon to the raid, you will be treated like a new raider, and will follow all raid rules for new raiders.

1. Know the fights.
RL reserves the right to remove any players who are not pulling their weight, not following instructions, or become toxic to others.
2. Ability to communicate via Vent.
If you don’t want to be in Vent. This is not the raid for you.
3. We will end at the scheduled end time. Period.
4. Fully (and correctly) gemmed and enchanted.
5. Positive attitude.
Elitists and excessive QQers will be removed.
6. Reliability.
People who can attend both days during the week will be given greater consideration. (This is split into two events. 1of2 and 2of2)
7. Be prepared.
Bring your own flasks, pots, and noms please. (provided to guildies)
8. Have required addons installed

BTag requests go out early! (Sometimes within 24 hours of the scheduled run.)
Invites to join this specific raid will go out once about 15 minutes prior to start time. If you show up at start time you are late, and your spot will likely be taken. Get to the instance, get all flasks/pots/food for the night, get your drink, go pee, tuck your kids in bed, and let your dog out during this time.
If you miss the initial invite, whisper me in game or ask me in Vent if your spot is still available.
Reserves and assist to invite friends happen shortly after. (Basically, be on time for invites or risk losing your spot.)
If you are a reserve who received a BTag request, whisper me in game (or ask me in Vent) for an invite. (Reserves are pulled quickly! IE: If you snooze, you lose.)
If you are late, whisper me to see if there is still room. If there is, you can still attend. However, we will not stop and wait for you. That means, get there on your own (do not expect a summon), and do not expect for the entire group to wait before pulling a boss.

***This is NOT a point system, it is only a way to make loot easier!
BIS: This is for BIS roll only. Not an upgrade if its not your BIS.
Major Upgrade
Heroic Bosses: Main Spec, replacing gear ilvl UNDER Heroic gear
Normal Bosses: Main Spec, replacing gear ilvl UNDER Normal gear
Minor Upgrade
Heroic Bosses: Main Spec, replacing gear ilvl EQUAL or OVER Heroic gear
Normal Bosses: Main Spec, replacing gear ilvl EQUAL or OVER Normal gear
Offspec = Off Spec, no matter major or minor upgrade
Transmog = For mog
PETS = You must link a level 25 wild pet to be eligible to roll for pets
MOUNTS = Always free roll
Patterns = Must have profession to roll
1. Do not AFK during or after loot. (Have your own gems and enchants ready to use on gear, or do it after raid)
2. Alts & New Raiders are not eligible to roll for Tier, Trinkets, or Weapons their first week!
3. Duel items like rings, trinkets, weapons, etc, Your lowest item determines your roll category.
4. Loot priority will go to the toon who is actually signed up for this event. (IE: should you swap an alt in and roll for gear, and someone else also rolls for that same item, you will be PASSED OVER and priority will be given to the regular raider’s regular toon! Or, if someone reserves for MS and someone reserves for OS, the MS reserve will get the item. Etc.)
5. Do not roll for vendor or AH.
6. Raid Leader has the final say on loot distribution.
7. Paw Stars will have priority for DE gear.
8. Tier gear will go as a Round Robin loot style. You may “Major” until you get one, then you are to “Minor” any additional tier drops for that night. If you are trying for an improved tier (rolling for a socket or WF), roll Greed.

BIS – MS* – major – minor – OS – ALTS/New Raiders – Mog – Guild DE – highest internal roll DE
*MS will always go to the people actually playing that roll first!

DBM, Big Wigs, or similar
Big Wigs:
Angry Assignments
Iskar Assist

LOGS: Stars
Join my group! “Smooshie’s Shenanigans”
[Group: Smooshie’s Shenanigans]

Content may be streamed live.

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