Mythic Blackhand Week #12

A sigil will be used to open up Mythic Blackhand.
It is expected that everyone knows all three phases of this fight and are willing to follow directions and be patient.

-720+ ilvl
-10/10 normal experience

Loot Rules:
-Master Loot
-Gear is free roll for transmog
-Blackhand mount is **free roll**

**Bonus Roll Points**
People who sign up here on open raid will have their attendance noted each time we are successful at killing Mythic Blackhand.

5 bonus points will be added to your mount roll each week you attend this raid. These points will add up indefinitely until you win the mount. The bonus decreases by 5 per week if two consecutive raids are missed without any notification.

Bonus Point Tally:
+55 Xtalvia
+45 Herunmir
+40 Ripcrawford
+30 Holynoly
+30 Kim
+25 Riverb
+20 Miidori
+20 Korrami
+20 Hashhunter
+20 Sheryl
+10 Panyk
+10 Halzzart
+10 Ugonowhere
+10 Gilby
+5 Darkram
+5 Segars
+5 Faranna
+5 Bostic
+5 Goenitzz

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