Ulduar 25m Nerf Scrapbots

What we’re doing…

Hello! Doing a 25m NON-Meta Ulduar run, Week 9.
Shards are RESERVED. (27/30 at the moment)
Possible Reserves:
Living Flame
Pandora’s Plea
Scale of Fates

Allowing a max of 3 80s for Herald gear farming.

This will be going up for the next few weeks and we will alternate between clashing non-meta achievements.

This Week:
Hot Pocket / Shattered
Nerf Scrapbots (Max 1 hour)
I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim / Can’t Do That While Stunned
If Looks Could Kill / With Open Arms
Cheese the Freeze / It’s Getting Cold in Here
Who Needs Bloodlust / Don’t Stand in the Lightning
Deforestation / Lumberjacked
Proximity Mines / Rocket Strike
They’re Coming Out of the Walls

This will be a very long run. We will wipe a max of 2 times (third pull is kill whether we get ach or not) for each achievement listed. Nerf Scrapbots is an exception.

I am also very open to doing more achievements, if they do not clash. Those are the main ones we will attempt.

Edit: ROGUES: Please bring a low level / low damage dagger.
WARLOCKS: Please spec into your stun!
SHAMANS: Please spec into Earthbind / Earthgrab!
DRUIDS: Try to get Typhoon and learn how to use it!

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