Tier 11 Heroic farm (week 3)

What we’re doing…

Blackwing Descent + Bastion of Twilight + Throne of the Four Winds
All on heroicThis is my third week farming the whole tier 11 content for transmog gear. We will start with BWD, followed by BoT and finish with To4W. The whole thing takes about 2 hours and you should not sign up for this raid if you are saved to ANY of these three instances.

====Raid Lead Reserves====
tier 11 vanq tokens (one of each; will trade to other members if look-a-like pieces drop)
magma plated look-a-like set (red dk tier)
belt of absolute zero OR sky strider belt
molten tantrum boots
Yes I realize I’m whoring a whole transmog set but I started playing frost DK this weekend for the first time ever and I freakin LOVE it. Also it’s to match Sulfuras from rag.

If you would like to reserve a xmog item, you may mention ONE ITEM PER INSTANCE to be reserved for you. The four winds mount is on free roll and cannot be reserved.

Ventrilo is required and the information will be provided in raid.

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