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Welcome to CY’s Raids !


  • You ask yourself what is Cy’s Raids? A group that promotes PUG raiding for all players to enjoy current and old wow content.
  • How long have we been around ? Raiding on Openraid.us, since around July 2013
  • What kind of groups should I expect? We run laid-back and low-stress raids. We focus on drama-free raiding with the goal of downing content.
  • What kind of raids do Cy’s Raids run? You will find some FLEX, LFR, NORMAL, HEROICS and ACHIEVEMENT runs throughout the weeks.
  • Questions about Cy’s Raids ? Please feel free to message me on the openraid.us forum I will be happy to answer any questions.

    Currently looking for an assistant raid leader to help run current raids and assist with flex, normal, and heroic raids. Please message me on the forum if you are interested. This will be a great asset to Warlord of Draenor.

    CRYPTIC YODELING – (Cy’s Raiding Guild Hyjal)
    About this [Cryptic Yodeling]
    Cryptic Yodeling is a semi-hardcore, progression-minded Horde raiding guild on Hyjal-US server. Our raid leader is Cyotem, a respected mod from Open Raid, who has extensive experience leading raids. While the guild is new, its founding members are all talented veterans of WoW. The guild focus is on fairness, progression, dedication, and honesty. We raid 2 nights per week (Wednesday and Friday). For the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion, we will be raiding all levels of content. Our raid groups emphasize teamwork, respect, and excellence. We also welcome players of all levels who are interested other aspects of World of Warcraft.

    Cryptic Yodeling was formed from raiders from our successful SoO Weekly pug of over 40 plus weeks of raiding. We are currently progression 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic HM, 10/10 Normal, 9/10 Heroic BRF. As of 4/10/15 [/color]

    Recruitment is OPEN: www.yodel.club</span> [External Link]

    [CRYPTIC YODELING] Raid Schedule

  • Wednesday Weekly 8:30pm Est – Heroic 30m 1of2
  • Friday Weekly 8:30pm Est – Heroic/Normal (Clean Up) 30m 2of2
  • Monday Weekly 8:30pm to 11:30pm Est – OPTIONAL Day / Not always used for raiding


    (For all Cy’s Raids)
    1. 18 Years or older.
    2. YOU MUST SIGN ON THE PLAYER YOU ARE ATTENDING THE RAID. This makes raid planning a lot easier.
    3. Must be open willing to listen and understand not every raid is perfect and wipes happen. I like keeping a laid back raid. Come prepared. This means: know the fights, know your class and role in the fights, and have food/flask in your inventory
    4. Like to have a good time and enjoy raiding. No drama needed
    6. ILVL Requirements might change from raid to raid depending on what is needed.

    As raid leader I reserve the right to add and remove any players at my discretion. I will do my best to police the raid for any activity that will hinder the raid. At times there are things I might miss, fell free to message me. Lower ilvl chars might be brought along to fill spots if needed to fill raid and does not hinder the raid. Again this is at discretion of the Raid Leader. Any questions fell free to message me on openraid.us

    (Changes in raid schedule):

    (Ilvl, times and other items may vary due to changes.) (TIMES MANY VARY)

    These raids are NOT GUARANTEED to be weekly. I run these raids when my schedule permits with work and personal life. (TIMES MANY VARY)

  • Saturday 1230pm Est- Normal/Heroic
  • Saturday 830pm Est- Normal/Heroic
  • Sunday Random Times- Sunday Fun Days = OverPowered LFR / Random Flex Carry / Achievements and so on
  • Sunday 1230pm Est- Normal/Heroic
  • Normal/Heroic – These are done without signups and post in Horde Only Chat.
  • Achievements – These are done once every few weeks to help people get there Achievements.

    LINKS and OTHER Information for CY’S RAIDS:

  • AskMrRobot Logs:beta.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog [External Link]
  • Twitter Account = @CrypticCy www.twitter.com/CrypticCy [External Link]
  • Twitch Account = CrypticCywww.twitch.tv/crypticcy [External Link]
    MINIONS INC. – (Tue/Thur Raiding Guild Hyjal)
  • Tuesday <Minions Inc Guild Run – Weekly 9:00pm to 12:30am EST –
  • Thursday <Minions Inc Guild Run – Weekly 9:00pm to 12:30am EST –
  • Minions Inc. Website:www.minionsinc.com [External Link]
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