OpenRaid Changelog Hotfixes

5th of October

Under My Preferences the option Pad chat lines and add separators (like in old chat) was added to give the new chat a more old chat feel.

Chat Version 3

Released 04 Oct 2014
Contributors: Jeremybell, Thifyx, Kimpossibru, WeWeDe, Battlepanda, Royalite, Kayla, Bellancia and many community members

    • Chat has been updated and upgraded. Chat should be more responsive, able to handle heavier server loads and solve many of the reported issues. Please post any bugs


  • Online/offline toggle for displaying in the user list.
  • Staff are identifiable by color:      Orange for Director      Blue for Staff      Green for MVP
  • Staff Tags are displayed in whispers.
  • Excessive CAPS will be converted into lower case.
  • Whispers will be highlighted in red until moused over.
  • Region and Faction icons have been removed from the chat line. Mousing over the name will instead display region and faction information. The icons are still available from the User list.
  • Mousing over a name provides instructions about left and right click behavior.
  • When a member is muted by Staff, every chat line from the member is replaced with Message removed. Player was muted.


Patch 2.6.1

Released 04 Oct 2014
Contributors: Jeremybell, Kimpossibru, WeWeDe, Battlepanda, Royalite and Kayla

  • When a guild member joins OpenRaid and alert is created through the notification system.
  • When No Opinion is selected rating will not be affected.
  • Various preparations in order to be ready for Warlords.



Released in September 2014

15th of September

Some minor bugs with the new forum theme have been fixed.

14th of September

A bug has been fixed where you would hear sound every time you open a page.

Patch 2.6

Released 13 Sept 2014
Contributors: Jeremybell, Thifyx, Kimpossibru, Battlepanda, Royalite, Kayla, Elsen, Bellancia, Zillions and trusmoov


The forums have been styled to fit better into the look and feel of the site. Please report any bugs here. If you want to revert back to the original theme, you will find instructions here.

Event Management:

These improvements are to help raid leaders maintain their roster.

  • When you change your status to Not Coming, you will lose your approval for the event. If you change your sign up back to Definitely Coming, you will need to be re-approved.
  • If you change your role (ex: Healer to Tank), you will lose your approval for the event. You will need to be re-approved by the raid lead if you were previously Approved or Reserve. You will be given a visual warning when attempting to change role as a reminder of your removal from the Approved List before confirming your role change.

Raid Buff Tracker:

  • In order to help track buffs for lower level events (example: Herald of the Titans), buffs are only highlighted if the signed up character is of level to use the buff.
  • The buff bar should also now properly show Burning Wrath for Shaman regardless of specialization.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a bug where editing an event would unexpectedly change the ownership of the event.
  • Spacing issues with BattleTags in import strings will no longer block the OpenRaid Addon from sending invite requests (breaking the import string).
  • Fixed gradients on Firefox to show the same way they do in Chrome on the event pages.
  • Members using QuickRaid will no longer get locked in edit mode. Members will be able to edit QuickRaid events as intended.



Released between June-July 2014

4th of July

  • When editing events you can once again change the character owner of the event if the current character owner is attached to your account
  • You can once again reset your hidden raids by visiting your preferences at users/prefs

1st of July

Feedback on profiles should load in all situations now.

30th of June

Roster counts on event page added.

27th of June

Event status is once again viewable on various event pages.

25th of June

  • Group events page created
  • Chat settings are showing up correctly
  • Some php errors fixed


Patch 2.5

Released 24 June 2014
Contributors: Jeremybell, Thifyx, Kimpossibru, Royalite, Kayla, Elsen, Ariiaa, Pyregelys and Bellancia


  • All comments now have a more uniform look and format. Before, the comments on a News post had a different layout from the comments on a Member Profile page.
  • Banned members are indicated as such on their Profile Summary.
  • New Blizzard post highlighted layout for OpenRaid Homepage News posts.
  • Multiple support changes to help improve reporting and creating tickets.
  • When you log out, your portrait now clears and the login/password process is available.
  • The down drop menu options for selecting a specific raid rating for a member have been sorted.


  • Members will no longer be able to unsign from an event 5 minutes before event start.
  • Fixed a bug where you could select Show my voicechat server when creating events but don’t have any voicechat information in your Profile.
  • Events were showing the outdated terminology of Softcore and Hardcore even though the correct terms were selected on the event creation page.
  • Members with long names won’t cause the rosters to misalign anymore.
  • Banned members will have their future events cancelled and the Event Description will update to reflect why the event was cancelled.
  • Friend buttons will no longer cause alignment issues.
  • When selecting Other on the Event Creation page, more event sizing options are available such as 10 and 25 man.
  • Definition of Playstyle will be displayed on mouseover on the Event page.
  • WORLDBOSS title misalignment issues on mouseover were fixed.
  • The Event List will dynamically update to remove Events that have past while viewing the Event List.
  • Deepwind Gorge events are no longer displayed as a question mark but have their proper icon displayed.
  • Event links will now work when using Chat integrated with the Event page.
  • When creating events you can now easily select which character you want to bring via a drop down menu.
  • Loading issues have been resolved when hiding and unhiding events.
  • On Event Rosters there is a new Raid Buff Tracker to assist in planning your events.
  • Format buttons are available to easily insert BBCode tags when writing up your event description.
  • Added gradient backgrounds to make event status (Approved or Reserve) more distinguishable.
  • Removed the empty search fields when searching for pvp events.
  • You can now select the order in which you want Events Categories displayed on the Events page.

Guilds and Groups:

  • The My Event page will also display your Guild Events.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented a Group event to be created if you were a fan of another Group.
  • More font size options are available for your OpenRaid Guild Homepage.
  • Shortlinks now display properly in Guilds and Groups.

Chat and Quickraid:

  • QuickRaid wasn’t allowing members to join other QuickRaid events after a previous QuickRaid disbanded.
  • Special characters such as ™ and # in event titles now display properly when linked in Chat.
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