OpenRaid Launches Version 2.5 – Site Improvements and Bug Fixes

Hello OpenRaiders!

Today our development team launched OpenRaid 2.5. This patch has significant updates and improvements to the site, along with important bug fixes. Please read the patch notes, and let us know if you encounter any problems with our new features!


Active QuickRaid events are now integrated into the Chat window for better visibility. QuickRaid is there so that groups formed in chat can earn reputation and be evaluated at the end of the event. Not sure how to use QuickRaid? Check out our OpenRaid 101: QuickRaid Tutorial for more information and step by step instructions.

Making sure that you have all raid buffs covered for Wow events just got easier with the inclusion of a raid buff tracker for your OpenRaid events.

Borders have been added to comment and feedback portrait to better highlight a members attendance. Borders on the Profile page is coming Soon™.

Example of Portrait with Green Border:

The borders are dictated by how many events you have attended from White, to Green, to Blue, to Purple, to Orange!
To hold a White border, you need to have attended anywhere between 1 and 50 events. Green 50-250 events, Blue is 250-500, Purple is between 500-1000 and then orange for 1000+ events.

OpenRaid’s Twitter feed has been added to the side bar. Follow us!
When creating events you can now easily select which character you want to bring via a drop down menu.
Format buttons are available to easily insert BBCode tags when writing up your event links are displayed on the Profile Summary for easy access.

Added gradient backgrounds to make event status (Approved or Reserve) more distinguishable.
You can now select the order in which you want Events Categories displayed on the Events page. Go to My Preferences to change the order.
Important Change: Members will be locked into “Attending” the raid five (5) minutes before the start of the raid. In other words, five minutes before the raid starts, you CANNOT change your status to “Not Coming”. This change will help prevent people from joining the raid and leaving, then changing their status to Not Coming; or forgetting to attend the raid and then changing their status to Not Coming after the raid has begun. This is “Phase One” of improving the raid signup process.

Additional Updates and Fixes


  • All comments now have a more uniform format. Before, the comments on a News post were different from the comments on a Member Profile page.
  • New Blizzard post highlighted layout for OpenRaid Homepage News posts.
  • Multiple support changes to help improve reporting and creating tickets.
  • When you log out, your portrait now clears and the login/password process is available.
  • The drop down menu options for selecting a specific raid rating for a member have been sorted.


  • Members will no longer be able to unsign from an event 5 minutes before event start.
  • Fixed a bug where you could select Show my voicechat server when creating events, but you didn’t have any voicechat information in your Profile.
  • Events were showing the outdated terminology of Softcore and Hardcore even though the correct terms were selected on the event creation page.
  • Members with long names won’t cause the rosters to misalign anymore.
  • Banned members will have their future events cancelled and the Event Description will update to reflect why the event was cancelled.
  • Friend buttons will no longer cause alignment issues.
  • When selecting Other on the Event Creation page, more event sizing options are available such as 10 and 25 man.
  • Definition of Playstyle will be displayed on mouseover on the Event page.
  • WORLDBOSS title misalignment issues on mouseover were fixed.
  • The Event List will dynamically update to remove Events that have past while viewing the Event List.
  • Deepwind Gorge events are no longer displayed as a question mark but have their proper icon displayed.
  • Event links will now work when using Chat integrated with the Event page.
  • Loading issues have been resolved when hiding and unhiding events.
  • Removed the empty search fields when searching for pvp events.

    Guilds and Groups:

  • The My Event page will also display your Guild Events.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented a Group event to be created if you were a fan of another Group.
  • More font size options are available for your OpenRaid Guild Homepage.
  • Shortlinks now display properly in Guilds and Groups.

    Chat and QuickRaid:

  • Fixed a bug where QuickRaid wasn’t allowing members to join other QuickRaid events after a previous QuickRaid disbanded.
  • Special characters such as ™ and # in event titles now display properly when linked in Chat.

    As always, we get nearly all of our suggestions for improvement from our members. If you have any suggestions please visit the forum and let us know. Thank you and enjoy the new release of OpenRaid.

    Kind regards,

    OpenRaid Development Team


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