OpenRaid Contest: WoD Beta Key Giveaway!

Greetings, OpenRaiders!

Let’s get right to the point:
We are super excited to announce that OpenRaid has Ten (10) Warlords of Draenor Beta Keys to share with OpenRaid members!

We will be giving away 8 of the keys right here on the site (keep reading below) and we will be doing 1 Beta Key giveaway on Twitch, and another on Twitter.

Website Giveaway Details

To have a chance at winning one of the 8 Keys being given away on the site, you must participate in an OpenRaid event with at least 4 other players (a minimum “5 man” group) and be rated and marked as attending. This event must be held between 7pm (2pm EDT) GMT July 23- 7pm GMT July 30. Once you have participated in your event, leave a COMMENT on this news post with the link to the event. A valid event link is required. Chat-based PuG groups will not count. You may ONLY enter once. Attempting to cheat by entering more than once may result in your account being banned.

We will randomly select four EU and four NA winners. No consideration of Horde or Alliance will be given, this will be random.

Twitch Giveaway Details

Come join our Twitch channel chatroom this Saturday July 26 at 10:00pm EDT (Eastern US) and hang out with Whammo. He’ll be giving away the Beta Key sometime between 10pm-Midnight Eastern. To be eligible to win, you must have an OpenRaid account with at least one character attached, but there is no event requirement for this giveaway.

Twitter Giveaway Details

Follow us on Twitter. The giveaway will be anytime between July 23-July 30. You won’t have long to respond for a chance to win so make sure you are checking our Twitter feed often! To be eligible to win, you must have an OpenRaid account with at least one character attached, but there is no event requirement for this giveaway. (Special Hint: I tweet from the Eastern US, so you can probably rule out the giveaway being done when I’m asleep between 11pm-6am -5GMT)

Boring but Really Important Rules

Beta Keys will not be issued immediately, as we have to submit information to Blizzard to obtain the keys. You will be contacted when your key is available.

This is a FREE contest. I want to emphasize that no exchange of money or donations will give you an advantage in this contest.

Like all OpenRaid Contests, you must have an active OpenRaid account with at least one character attached to win a prize on OpenRaid. Your account cannot be currently under suspension or ban.

Any attempt to cheat will result in the disqualification of your entry and the ban of your account. We will verify all entries.

The Website contest required that you participate in a posted (planned) OpenRaid event. You must attend the event and be rated for it. The Armory may be used to verify boss kills: in other words, DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT. You must post a link to the raid you completed in the comment section of this news story. This is an example of a link to a raid:[Event: #Darrie Spooky MSV]

Twitch Contests are held in our Twitch channel and use giveaway extension that provides a randomly selected winner using a keyword.

Twitter Contests require either a favorite, a retweet, or a keyword message being posted and always a require a follow of the OpenRaid Twitter Account, @OpenRaid. Winners are randomly selected from the people who correctly participate in the contest.

Failure to correctly enter the contest may result in your disqualification. OpenRaid is not responsible for failure to accuately enter the contest or follow the rules of the contest. OpenRaid is not responsible for the redemption of any prize nor can any prize be exchanged or returned.

Remember, don’t forget to follow us on Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter.

Good Luck to all!

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