Community Event: There’s Still Time – Finish your MoP Achievements Now!

Hello OpenRaiders!

With less than two months left before Warlords of Draenor, OpenRaid is here to help you “MoP” up your raid wishlist and truly Achieve the Impossible with us here on OpenRaid.

Our Moderators and MVPs (and community members too!) will be focusing our attention on the community’s most requested events in order to help you complete your Mists of Pandaria bucket list.

Are you an OpenRaid Member and want to help?
Please post raids incorporating #OR in your event title so it may be searched using the links below.

Here are the #OR raids already scheduled:
EU Users:
#OR Raids for EU Alliance
#OR Raids for EU Horde

US Users:
#OR Raids for US Alliance
#OR Raids for US Horde

How to request a raid:
Not finding the raid you are looking for? Do you need the event to happen at a certain time? Visit the ‘Raiding Wish List’ thread for your region and faction and make a forums post describing the event you’re looking for, and what days/times you are looking to raid!

Patch 6.0 could be upon us at anytime, especially as we near closer to the month of October. Don’t waste any more time if you are looking for achievements such as Challenge Modes, Ahead of the Curve – SoO, or “I Thought He Was Supposed To Be Hard?” from Throne of Thunder.

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media for more links, and don’t forget to tag @OpenRaid if you want a RT of your raid info!

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