OpenRaid 2015 Transmog Competition: Featuring Special Guest Judge Michele Morrow — CLOSED! Finalists Posted, Winners Announcement on 18 June

Hello OpenRaiders!

We’re really excited to announce the start of our 2015 Transmog Contest! This is our third year running the competition, and this year we have a fun surprise in the form of an amazing Special Guest Judge: Michele Morrow!

Michele helped make history when she hosted Heroes of the Dorm LIVE on ESPN2 in April 2015. You may also know her from The Nerdist or her hosting duties at BlizzCon 2014. In addition to her work in the gaming industry, she is also an accomplished stage and screen actress, as well as a producer.

This year we will be making a few small changes to the rules of the contest, so if you entered last year be sure to pay attention so that your entry will qualify!


*To submit your image, you must send TWO screenshots. First, a screenshot of your character wearing their Transmog somewhere within World of Warcraft. Second, a screenshot of your character screen that shows your character wearing the same Transmog (this is known as the “VERIFICATION” image).

*Members may enter the contest a maximum of TWO times. In other words, you may enter with TWO different characters or the same character in TWO different outfits. This would be a total of FOUR images required. NEW THIS YEAR, please send separate emails if you are entering more than once.

*NEW THIS YEAR: One prize will be given for Grand Prize – ALL entries will be automatically entered into this “category”. We will have Four Bonus “Theme” Prizes. If you wish to be considered for a bonus prize, you MUST tell us the category of your “Theme” when you send your email (see below for Themes).

*All submissions must be sent to [email protected] and must contain a link to your OpenRaid account. The character in your images must be attached to your OpenRaid account (another form of verification).

Submissions Must Be Received by 26 May at 23:59 CEST/Paris (17:59 EDT New York).

*Images must be submitted in .PNG or .JPG format only. We cannot accept images over 1.5Mb in size. We will reject entries that are over 1.5Mb.

*You must attach the image via email; we cannot download your image from a 3rd party site.

*To be eligible for a prize, you must have an active OpenRaid account with at least one character attached, and no active suspensions or bans on your account.
Prizes are non-transferable, and the recipient accepts all responsibility for redemption and use.

Categories/Bonus “Themes”

There will be one Grand Prize Winner, for Overall Best Transmog. You will be judged based on the overall look of your set and the quality of your screenshot (location, location, location!). All qualifying entries will be considered for the Grand Prize. There is ONE Grand Prize Winner.

Bonus Categories “Themed” Transmog

*My Pet & Me – Your pet has a matching/themed look with your transmog

*Cosplay (“Look-A-Like”) – Your transmog is purposefully designed to make you look like a character within or outside of the Warcraft Universe

*Classic – Your entire transmog set is only from Classic (“Vanilla”) World of Warcraft quests, instances, or raids.

*Fired Up – Your theme is from Firelands/Molten Core/etc and involves a fiery look and screenshot location

There will be FOUR bonus prizes given for the Themed Transmog. You MUST let us know in your email if you are entering for a bonus prize! (See Rules Above)


Grand Prize Winner:

*A Shirt of Your Choice from J!NX including shipping and handling anywhere in the world.
*Mount or Pet of your Choice from the Shop (Item must be eligible for “gifting”).
*One Year Subscription to Curse Premium
*One Year Subscription to AskMrRobot Premum
*Hearthstone Booster Pack Code

Bonus Theme Prizes:
*A Shirt of Your Choice from J!NX including shipping and handling anywhere in the world.
*One Year Subscription to Curse Premium
*One Month Subscription to AskMrRobot Premum

The Grand Prize winner will not be eligible to win a Bonus Theme Prize with that same submission. It is possible for one person to win TWO prizes if they submit TWO separate entries, as they will be considered individually.

All prizes are subject to change at any time

How to Enter

*You must send your images (See Above) to the email address [email protected]. You must include a link to your OpenRaid account (please use the top-level domain and NOT .us or .eu). Your images cannot be more than 1.5Mb.

*We will receive a heavy volume of images. Please allow us at least 3 days to respond and let you know that we received your image. Please do NOT resend your entry before this time.

Other Stuff

By sending us your image(s), you are expressly allowing us to publish your image on the internet which may include both your character and realm name. Your verification image will not be published. We highly recommend hiding your name/guild tag in your contest submissions, both to respect your own privacy and because it doesn’t look very good (exceptions would be if your name/guild is part of a “themed” look for your character).

All prizes are subject to change without notice or replacement. We cannot be responsible for redemption of any codes or offers from 3rd party sites.


*No, seriously. Nope.


Listed by OpenRaid account number (Order is notindicative of any position or ranking other than numerical);

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