OpenRaid Patch 2.8: Event, Profile, and API Updates!

Hello OpenRaiders,

We are pleased to announce a site patch; OpenRaid 2.8 is now live! This patch contains updates to our Event system, Profile pages, and site functionality.

Site Updates and Changes Include;


  • Raid Event Owners will now have up to one hour before their raid to edit their event information, reduced from three hours previously. This change is to encourage players to keep “reserve item” lists updated, and to allow better communication with raid members if a change such as cancellation has to occur. Abuse of last minute changes should be reported via Support ticket..
  • We have updated to the latest versions of the WoW Community APIs. This update should fix issues that were occurring with characters not updating, as well as achievement points and raid experience not being current on profile pages. It is important to note that the latest Character Profile API no longer offers Mists of Pandaria CM data in terms of medal count.
  • Profile pages have been updated to remove all Mists of Pandaria raid experience, including CM.
  • Code has been updated to reflect new content for WoW Patch 6.2, as well as ensuring that existing content is ready to be created under the mythic raid setting for cross-realm events.
  • On Event Evaluations, Reserve Players will now default as Did Not Invite for the Event Owner and default as No Opinion for all raid members. This should help to cut down on “false positive” attendance and ratings for Reserve players who did not actually attend the raid.
  • The search bar will now return results for Raid IDs and Character/Account numbers.
  • New members without a character added to their account will now receive a more useful explanation of why they don’t have a public profile.Bug Fixes Include;
  • You can now properly unhide events that you have hidden.
  • Your CM progress will now be showing accurately
  • An issue with bbcode that was causing certain markups not to show when published, has been fixedWe thank you all for your patience as we continue working on a new, updated, and enhanced OpenRaid for release in early autumn. In the meantime we’ll do our best to keep the live site updated, bug-free, and current in terms of available World of Warcraft raid content.

    Thank you for your support of OpenRaid. We remain 100% non profit and rely on ad revenue and donations. Thank you in advance for white-listing OpenRaid, and for your one-time or monthly plan donations.

    On behalf of the OpenRaid Team,
    Operations Director


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