OpenRaid 2015 Transmog Competition: Winners Announced + Story Boards [Updated]

Hello OpenRaiders!

After a stressful and anxious wait…we’re finally ready to announce our winners!

To recap briefly, this year we offered one GRAND PRIZE, and then four THEMES which each at a winner. All images submitted were eligible for the GRAND PRIZE, and those who wanted to also be considered for theme were judged separately based on that particular theme.


Our Grand Prize Winner: Sesha, Blade’s Edge EU
Second Place: Aellin, Ner’zhul US
Third Place: Assasinátion, Malorne US
Honorable Mention: Dáeneryys, Draenor EU

Fired Up Theme Winner: Shiftcor, Executus US
Second Place: Euphyley, Elune US
Third Place: Sattisan, Proudmoore, US

Classic WoW Theme Winner: Aristus, Mug’thol US
Second Place: Prettypoison, Smolderthorn US
Third Place: Verelyn. Defias Brotherhood EU

My Pet and Me Theme Winner: Krikit, Hyjal US
Second Place: Kylisse, Wyrmrest Accord US
Third Place: Sattivah, Cenarius US

Cosplay Theme Winner: Stormshadöw, Alexstrasza US
Second Place: Sakuriya, Sylvanas EU
Third Place: Bane, Ner’Zhul US

All winners will be contacted regarding prizes within 7 days!

Story Boards

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