OpenRaid Raid A Thon: BlizzCon 2015 Virtual Ticket Giveaway [Closed]

Hello, OpenRaiders!

We know some of you are going to BlizzCon, but even more of you aren’t able to attend in person – so we’ve got a chance for you to win a Virtual Ticket code for BlizzCon 2015!

This code comes with the In Game Digital Goodies!

*Murkidan Pet
*StarCraft II – Xel’Naga & Spear of Adun Portraits
*Nexus Battle Beast Mount
*D3 Pet, Portrait, Pennant
*Hearthstone BlizzCon 2015 Card Back

All Virtual Tickets & The Goodies are Limited to 1 per account.

Raid A Thon – Two Chances to Win!

To giveaway the codes, we are launching a Raid A Thon! The LEADER who posts the most raids plus the RAIDER who attends the most raids will win a Virtual Ticket Code! The Raid A Thon lasts from 27 October through 2 November.

The person who attends and the person who leads/hosts the MOST raids between 12:01 AM EDT/New York on 27 October (Tuesday) and 11:59 PM EDT/New York on 2 November (Monday Night will win a code!

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