WoW Legion: Alpha Testing Underway. Take our Spoilers Poll!

Hi OpenRaiders!

Invites for Alpha testing access for World of Warcraft: Legion have been going out for the past several weeks. The invites are released in waves, and so far have included the traditional “friends and family” group, as well as the community influencers/website admins and community members. While the “pool” of players is still relatively small compared to Beta testing, we know that some of our OpenRaid community have been included in this group.

Those of you who have been playing the Alpha (as of this post, we haven’t been able to play much beyond the Demon Hunter starting zone and the “updated” Dalaran capital), what are your thoughts so far?

For those who are still waiting for your chance to play, what are you most looking forward to seeing or playing?

Note: Those who do not like spoilers may want to avoid reading any comments by other users.

For more conversation about WoW Legion, we have created a dedicated forum for discussion.

We look forward to finishing Warlords progression with you here on OpenRaid, and beginning the adventure back in Azeroth next year for Legion!

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