Super Classy – Ulduar Edition

Group compositions can be such a drag! Are all the buffs covered? Will there be enough heals… ranged DPS…? Forget that, we’re gonna keep it classy!

The Place: Ulduar, Titan complex and prison of Yogg’saron
The Dates: May 5th-11th
The Challenge: Clear Ulduar in either a 10 or 25 man group consisting of only ONE class type.

Our awesome staff has gotten the figurative ball rolling by setting up raids to take 10 & 25-of-a-kind groups through Ulduar with the following classes. We want our members to take up the challenge as well – don’t see your favorite class and faction combination? Create your own classy event and send a private message to Kaliani (email works too, [email protected]) with the event link. She’ll post your event here and in the forums to help promote it! We’d love to see screenshots of the groups in action.

Note: These events are not designed for lvl 80s, but anyone wanting to make an all 80 run is more than welcome to do so.

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