OpenRaid v2.2 Has Arrived: QuickRaid Revamp, Dual Spec Sign-Ups, and More!

Happy November, OpenRaiders!

Our Development Staff is pleased to announce the release of OpenRaid v2.2!

This release includes many of our biggest and best improvements to date.

We would love to hear your feedback, including any bug reports, about these changes. As always YOUR suggestions have been the driving force behind these improvements to OpenRaid!

1. QuickRaid Revamped

Since we’ve released our new site at the start of the year, QR (QuickRaid) has been tucked away in chat. While many people still queue themselves, we felt it was time to revamp the feature and give it the place it deserves: it’s own tab.

QR allows you to form groups on the spot, without scheduling them ahead. A lot of people do this in chat every day, but chat has two big downsides: you cannot evaluate each other and it can get quite full during the evening. After your QR-event, you will be asked to evaluate everyone, and you can even gain OpenRaid reputation. QR should make it easier for everyone to find a good Flex group, but also has some enhanced PvP functionality. If you’re still missing one or two players, chat is still probably your go-to place.

We have completely redone QuickRaid. QR should be your new go-to place to find Flex raids, PvP groups and many other things.
Whereas our old QR was tucked away in our chatbox somewhere (now removed) and wasn’t very flexible, we hope you will all like the new QR.
Important: the new QuickRaid functionality is still an open beta. If you have any issues with it, we’d be happy to help you. QR has a Feedback tab that can be used for that.

Click the QuickRaid tab to try it out today.

2. Search has been greatly improved

We have split up characters and events in the search result page and also added guilds, groups and forum pages.
Try it out by typing any keywords in the search bar at the top right of the screen.

3. Advanced Event Search filtering

Our old “Advanced Search” wasn’t all that advanced. You can now filter and see results immediately.
You can now search multiple event locations, weekdays, start times, and much more.
You can find the advanced search feature through Events -> Advanced Search.

4. Repeatable Events

If you are friendly or higher with OpenRaid, you will now find a ‘Repeat’ button under the Events tab.
You can use this to quickly copy over the event. All you have to do is fill in a date.
You can even invite everyone from the previous event, so they will have an email ready with a link to your event.

5. Dual-Spec Roster Sign-Ups

If you’d like to join as DPS but wouldn’t mind healing, you can now show that in your event signup.
Raid Leaders can then change your role as they see fit, making it easier to form groups.

6. Minor OpenRaid Assistant (our Addon) update

To accommodate our most recent QR changes, we have added an “Invite All To Group” button to our addon.
Head on over to Curse to pick it up today.
A completely new version with many new features is still being worked on.

7. #Oceanic

If you are on an Oceanic server, you will now automatically join #Oceanic in chat.
You can switch this off under ‘Settings’ if you don’t like that.

8. Raid Rosters can now be sorted

All columns can be sorted now, making it easier for leaders to see what classes/roles they have covered as well as when players signed up for the event in order.

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