What is OpenRaid?

OpenRaid is the biggest cross-realm raiding community for World of Warcraft. You need a World of Warcraft account at this point to use the site, but in future we will support other games as well. OpenRaid is completely free to use and will remain that way. OpenRaid is funded entirely by donations and a few ads. OpenRaid is all about freedom. You can switch off the ads under ‘My Account’.

What can I do here?

There are infinite possibilities on OpenRaid. Just to name a few, you can…:

  • Complete all your current-content WoW raiding achievements.
  • Need a few more people to fill up your group? Use OpenRaid chat!
  • Join in PvP events, challenge mode dungeons, heroic scenarios and much more.
  • Participate in awesome Moderator and MVP hosted events. Look for “OpenRaid Hosted Events” under the Events Tab.

I want to know more about OpenRaid

You can read more on how OpenRaid operates here. Ask your friends, ask your guildmates, and you will find out just how awesome OpenRaid is!

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