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Default role: Damage

Member since: March 6th, 2012
Last on OpenRaid: 12/12/2015 03:05
Last synchronisation: 26/03/2016 08:40

Hotless’s Profile
Proud member of OpenRaid, status: Exalted, position: World First.
Also World First orange border on portrait. (for attending 1000+ events)
Also World 3rd and EU 1st on number of votes accumulated.

Casual player and casual achievement hunter, i love to do old school raids.

Raid Progression
7/7 LFR 5/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic 0/7 Mythic

Blackrock Foundry:
10/10 LFR 1/10 Normal 0/10 Heroic 0/10 Mythic

Hellfire Citadel:
0/13 LFR 0/13 Normal 0/13 Heroic 0/13 Mythic

Challenge modes (WoD dungeons only):
Silver Medals: 8/8
Gold Medals: 8/8

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