About OpenRaid

First of all, welcome to OpenRaid! This page is here to tell you a little about how OpenRaid works and how OpenRaid is operated.

What we do
OpenRaid offers free services primarly to combine World of Warcraft players from all realms and guilds to do what they want most: raid! We also offer free voicechat services and will soon offer services for more games. Our goal is to make the games we support more fun and to make this a pleasant and vibrant community.

Who we are
OpenRaid is run exclusively by volunteers. We’re all gamers ourselves and ran into the same problems you have. You’re trying to get achievements and no one wants to help. You’re trying to find a group for 10 man raids. LFR is no fun. Sound familiar? Try an OpenRaid event! OpenRaid is a non-profit organisation. We are supported primarly by donations and for a small part by advertisements. These advertisements are optional. This shows that OpenRaid is truely open.

I want to know more!
If you’d like to know more about OpenRaid, you could always:
Hearthcast interviews OpenRaid: Listen to the interview
Visit our forum to find out all about how the site works.
Join and talk to the staff directly!

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