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Default role: Damage

Member since: February 19th, 2012
Last on OpenRaid: 25/02/2016 05:24
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My Raids are geared towards players who want to learn mechanics of boss fights as well as clearing content.

“I am the Butcher of names!”

“Save the Drama fo yo Mamma!”

Raid Progression

  7/7 LFR    6/7 Normal    4/7 Heroic    0/7 Mythic 

Blackrock Foundry:
  10/10 LFR    10/10 Normal    8/10 Heroic    0/10 Mythic 

Hellfire Citadel:
  6/13 LFR    8/13 Normal    1/13 Heroic    0/13 Mythic 

Challenge modes (WoD dungeons only):
 Silver Medals: 0/8
 Gold Medals: 0/8

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