Mitsukai’s Profile

I’m an avid gamer, been on WoW since end of Vanilla, rolling a pala at the start of TBC
My main is a Retribution Paladin from EU-Horde @ Draenor
And a Mage from EU-Alliance @ Arathor
Check out my weekly Mount runs, for all you collectors out there 😀

Raid Progression

Throne of Thunder:
  12/12 LFR    12/12 Normal    13/13 Heroic
Siege of Orgrimmar:
  14/14 LFR    14/14 Normal    11/14 Heroic    14/14 Mythic
  7/7 LFR    7/7 Normal    7/7 Heroic    0/7 Mythic
Blackrock Foundry:
  10/10 LFR    8/10 Normal    10/10 Heroic    0/10 Mythic
Challenge modes:
 Gold Challenge: 9/17
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