OpenRaid’s Voicechat Servers

Ventrilo Server

Mumble Server

We have Ventrilo server, free for use for any OpenRaid member to host their events on. The number of server slots can be increased as required. There should be enough server slots for your event. We also have a Mumble server, for those who prefer to use this program over Ventrilo. The number of server slots can be increased as required. Also for all your OpenRaid events.

Server Details:

Port: 3784


Server Details:

Port: 64738
Password: raidopen

Server Rules

Please read the voicechat server rules:

  • OpenRaid members are free to use Mumble or Ventrilo for their OpenRaid events or just to hang out.
  • Considering the above Guilds should not abuse this privelege and use the servers for their guild raids.
  • Try to keep the server available for OR members that want to raid.
  • Do not share the server details with third party websites.
  • Events should be associated with OpenRaid. Public Chit Chat rooms may be used for planning purposes or socializing between OpenRaid members.
  • Trolling, sound-boarding or otherwise harassing others may result in a ban from Ventilo or Mumble.
  • Moderators can enter your channel at any time for any reason.
  • Abuse or harassment of any Moderator may result in a ban from Ventrilo or Mumble.


Support and Information

The servers are provided as a complimentary service to our members as is. Thus server uptime is not guaranteed.

OpenRaid staff members donate their free time to provide a quiet and enjoyable environment for your OpenRaid events. Feel free to request a passworded channel to prevent others from disturbing your event in advance. In order to request a password for your channel, please contact one of the moderators by asking a OR staff member with a [Mod] or [Admin] tag within the Mumble or Ventrilo Support Channel A or B (preferred) or by the #Support Chat Channel. If you are being disturbed, please alert the staff by submitting a Ventrilo complaint, visiting the Ventrilo or Mumble Support Channels or dropping by the OR Chat Support Channel.

As Staff members monitor the servers by donating their free time, coverage and support is not guaranteed. So immediate assistance from the OR Staff may not always be possible. However, you can always report the person via their character page or by submitting a support ticket.


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